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The Atmos Manifesto
Business ethics is the very point where the pragmatic and the ideal meet, yet possesses a temperament as mercurial as a coin balancing on its edge.

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Adam Jace
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The opening excerpt depicts the current ESG, Impact, and Sustainability dialogue.

Business ethics is the very point where the practical and the ideal meet, yet possesses a temperament as mercurial as a coin balancing on its edge.

The following report is our company manifesto— mission statement, core values, founder letter, and philosophy. It acknowledges the state of sustainability, the telos of a business, and where sustainability metrics and materiality play a role.

Mission Statement

To guide companies and funds in their pursuits of extra-financial performance.

Core Values

  • Quality – taking time to do things extraordinarily well.
  • Transparency – being authentic in action.
  • Diversity – reaping the benefits of having different perspectives.
  • Prudence – finding the virtuous mean between two extremes.

We have decided on these not for their encompassment of ethics but for their applicability to our business operations and the dynamism of our founding team.

Founder Letter

We, Adam Jace & Max Mona, started Atmos (previously ESG Impact) upon the realization that ESG consulting is ripe for disruption. Getting an ESG Health Check was typically a ‘feel-good’ process that was only accessible at top-dollar, thus becomming susceptible to greenwashing and virtue signaling.

Rightly so, ESG and Impact are the targets of the most contentious debates in the contemporary workplace as they deal fundamentally with imposed ethical considerations on companies. It is the telos of Atmos to find the commonplace in business ethics, only providing solutions that bring integral value. Our mission is to bring transparency to the workplace without revolutionizing a black-box moral compass.

The industry is discovering itself, forcing ESG to a tipping point— whether it will be mere political fuel or pragmatic data and analyses. Our hopes are for the latter, and it is our duty as a company to navigate to it accordingly. Blurring sound business ethics with politics only creates a divide. We understand that the most significant obstacle to ESG is the vague moniker itself, and we are awaiting communal clarity for the terminology.

Our vote is for ‘extra-financial performance’. It’s a catch-all for business practices outside of its primary function, religiously separating the financial and extra-financial.

What We Do

Our flagship product is a SaaS application with dedicated analyst support that guides companies and funds through ESG performance using the CARI method—collect, analyze, report, and improve.

  • Collecting data is the cornerstone of ESG disclosure and engagement. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  • Analyzing the data through comparables and benchmarks to create an ESG story worth telling.
  • Reporting to all stakeholders, demonstrating an affinity to be intentional with those around you.
  • Improving upon previous performance with recommended projects to create a healthier, more sustainable company.

For questions, comments, or to get started on our platform, please refer to our Get Started page.

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